- 09.02.2023 - 20:19 

Martin Kolmar speaks at the Lassalle-Institute Symposium

The Symposium of the Lassalle-Institute invites you to meet and network with inspiring personalities who competently, effectively and successfully stand up for the implementation of a life-serving economy. This year's symposium took place under the name: "Beyond Borders. Making Good Decisions in the Turning Point of Time."

Lassalle Institute, Edlibach, 09.02.2023

In a time of perpetual crisis and the accompanying socio-ecological transformation, our courage is especially needed to go beyond the boundaries we know. How can we make good decisions under such uncertain conditions and how do we know they are the right ones? The February 9, 2023 symposium addressed these questions. The speakers Martin Kolmar, André Frei and Barbara Frei enriched this evening with their knowledge and experience and shared with us their personal motivation and life story.

What do we need for the "successful life"?

Martin Kolmar spoke about the economist's "toolbox" as the set of instruments he uses to try to describe society and solve economic problems. But given the current social upheavals, this toolbox is no longer sufficient. According to Kolmar, technological and "social technological" solutions are needed to meet the challenges of climate and diversity crises and to better manage the inevitable consequences. Normative foundations and a new way of looking at nature could help to initiate the necessary change.

            "We need a shift in our conceptions of the Good Life. Until we deeply understand and experience that we are part of nature, we will remain trapped in an exploitative relationship with it and with ourselves. And in doing so, we deprive ourselves of the chance to rethink and live the Good Life."


Martin Kolmar engages in a variety of empirical research to explore what it takes to live a "successful life." He finds much in empiricism that has long been described in wisdom traditions:

            "My hope is that by increasing support for this intrinsically ancient message through the empirical research I mentioned, it will gain new credibility."