Podcasts - 12.04.2024 - 10:23 

HSG Research Insight #2 | Biases in the scientific community

Daniel Sager in conversation with Prof Dr Thomas Beschorner and Prof Dr Tina Freyburg about the demands and limitations of the academic world.
Source: HSG Newsroom
HSG Research Insight #2 | Verzerrungen im Wissenschaftsbetrieb

Science is perceived by many as the authority whose interpretations of the world are the most objective, the most reliable or even the truest. On the other hand, especially during the corona crisis, there was widespread scepticism about the results of the scientific system, sometimes to the extent that its legitimacy was questioned altogether". In episode 2 of HSG Research Insight, science editor Daniel Sager talks to Prof. Dr Thomas Beschorner and Prof. Dr Tina Freyburg about the demands and limits of the scientific community. 

"For some scientists, the question of truth during the publication cycle is not the decisive one," says Prof. Thomas Beschorner, for example. "We have to keep the space for supposedly useless knowledge open," says Prof. Tina Freyburg.

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